When Nigerian producer demanded they want their film to look, feel and sound like an hollywood movie....They called C-BEN pictures.  We handle all areas of pre, pro and post production.
Video Production


C-BEN Pictures has been capturing high quality video and film images around the world for 14 years now. As technology gets better so does our work

C-BEN Pictures is known world wide for giving its client's great picture and production at an affoardable cost, with our wide array of production personels and gears around the world we are the best pick for your project.



Post Production


We are able to handle any post production work that is handed to us, with editors, CG artist, Compositors, Colorist, Audio post, Post Supervisors, some with academy awards.


Our team have worked on big hollywood projects that have won awards for their stuning post production skills.


Screen Writers


Not only do we make movies and TV shows but we are able to turn your ideas into full script. We handle any script from, Music Video treatments.


Short movies, feature lenght, Manuscript coverage, ghost writing, script coverage and more.